Dear Gossips, 

Maria mentioned that guy from The Try Guys and his cheating scandal yesterday in Celebrity Social Media and like Maria and Seth Rogen, I also had no idea what Try Guys was and who Ned Fulmer is when it all started trending on Twitter the other day. Once I figured out what it was all about, I was ready to move on … until John Mulaney got dragged into it. 


I am not a John Mulaney person, apparently because I’m not a millennial, but I know a lot of John Mulaney people who would have never believed it if you told them five years ago that John Mulaney and Adam Levine would now both be in the same cheating club alongside a YouTuber.

Before they had infidelity in common, they had being a Wife Guy in common with so much of their public images wrapped up in how much they loved their wives. Ned and Ariel Fulmer, like so many married influencers, have turned their marriage into a business. John Mulaney’s jokes about his ex-wife, Anne Marie Tendler, endeared him to many of his fans, which is in part why they’re still so mad over his relationship with Olivia Munn. 


As Scaachi Koul wrote this week, Wife Guys are having a moment. I mean, it’s a low moment, but it’s still a moment. 

You could even extend that moment to include the King of England if you wanted to: 


Charles’s cheating will never be a footnote, it was and will always be the main text. So I appreciate the bingo joke here: 

And we still haven’t even gotten to season five of The Crown yet, premiering on Netflix November 9. 


To go back to Wife Guys though…the thing about Wife Guys is that more often than not, they are elevated by women. Not just the women in their immediate lives but by the women out here in the digital world who glorify them, who turn them into the model of what a guy should be. Most of us have fallen into a Wife Guy trap – like, Twitter may have turned on the Ned the Wife Guy this week but social media had to build him up first for him to fall from grace. The culture loves a Wife Guy, we have all been charmed at one point by a Wife Guy; our Wife Guy preferences may not all be the same, but few of us are immune to the Wife Guy appeal. Which is why it’s such a f-cking bummer when a Wife Guy f-cks up. 

If you don’t have a favourite famous Wife Guy, I love that for you. For me, though, the ultimate Wife Guy is Alexis Ohanian, of Serena Williams. To be clear, I have never, ever, ever heard anything that isn’t cool and awesome about Alexis with respect to Serena. Let’s maintain that status quo, please. 

Yours in gossip,