Justice League opens tonight. Sarah’s review of the movie is coming up this afternoon. As mentioned earlier this week, Rotten Tomatoes was embargoing reviews until just before the movie comes out, supposedly because they want to test out a new site feature but a lot of people had conspiracy theories, especially since there’s been so much bungling of everything around the production and the marketing and this, that, and the other. 

So, with that in mind, here’s Ben Affleck in New York yesterday just before the Justice League release and ahead of that critical first weekend box office. New York is also where his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, is based. I was wondering if we’d see Lindsay with Ben on one of the Justice League red carpets. That hasn’t happened yet. But what if it’s not her showing up at his work but him showing up at her work? 

What are the chances that Ben will make a cameo on SNL this weekend? 

Chance The Rapper is hosting. Eminem is the musical guest? Maybe? I mean I don’t think you can rule it out. Then again, given that Ben can’t seem to get away from the stank of sexual harassment, SNL might not want a piece of that at all. And of course, if he’s not being associated with groping and grossness, there’s the whole conversation about whether or not he’ll ever suit up again as Batman. Matt Reeves, who’s directing the next standalone Batman movie, is now rumoured to have someone in mind when/if Ben’s reign as Batman ends. The thought is, if he’s already picturing Batman as someone else, how much does he even picture Batman as Ben Affleck?  

When is this sloppy cycle of Ben Affleck’s going to end? As I’ve always said, this has been his pattern. He tears it down, he builds it back up. The downswing has now lasted over two years. How will Ben Affleck reinvent himself? And when does that start? And can he do it without Jennifer Garner?