As Lainey mentioned, the latest word on the strikes is “encouraging yet suspicious”. Suspicious because the only reports are from unnamed sources undoubtedly coming from the AMPTP side—because it’s the same three trades owned by Penske Media, which also owns Dick Clark Productions, an AMPTP member company, publishing everything—but also encouraging because it does sound like real negotiations are happening for the first time in months. But, as of Thursday evening, there is not yet a resolution in the WGA strike. It’s Schrödinger's strike, it both is and is not nearly over.


Negotiations are continuing today, ahead of the long weekend for Yom Kippur, but after false starts recently, maybe we’re actually getting somewhere. Maybe these strikes can be resolved before the new year, as many people fear the worst-case scenario is that the work stoppage drags on into 2024 (reminder that AMPTP can end this at any time by paying people fair wages for their labor). 

Something I’ve been wondering about—besides whether or not AMPTP would be better off splitting up—is how these relationships get back on track when the strikes end. They will end, eventually, but unlike the writers’ strike of 2007-08, this time it feels like some relationships and reputations might have taken permanent damage. Take, for instance, Disney honcho Bob Iger. Primo Bobbo was known for actual decades for his calm temperament and grace under fire. When creative passions led to heated disagreements, he was the guy you called for conflict resolution.


But now? Everyone’s mad at him all the time. And he brought it on himself! I’m not saying it’s not an own goal, it ABSOLUTELY is. His leadership throughout the strikes has been tone deaf at best and ineffective at worst. But can he recover from it? Like, could he ever step out at a gala premiere for a Marvel movie like he used to do and not be greeted by a chorus of boos? This latest report about the strike status specifically names him as the person blamed for the leak to CNBC’s David Faber the other night. He denied it, apparently, but like…does anyone believe him anymore? Has Bob Iger squandered over twenty years of industry goodwill in four months?