Dear Gossips,

As Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media yesterday, for whatever bizarre reason, Justin Bieber tweet-challenged Tom Cruise to a fight on Sunday which was enough to get the whole internet wondering why JB was randomly thinking about getting Tom Cruise into the octagon. Then yesterday JB posted this:

Maybe it’s a future sketch on a late night talk show. Maybe it’s a future collaboration between Hillsong and the Church of Scientology. Maybe, one day, Pastor Carl Lentz and David Miscavige, the Supreme Being (is that what they call him?) will be best friends. Maybe Justin’s just bored. 

Or maybe he’s wondering…where in the world is Tom Cruise? Because that was my first thought when JB threw down his challenge. We haven’t seen Tom in a while. Like almost 6 months. He’s been working on Top Gun: Maverick and there were a few sightings in the fall of 2018, they apparently wrapped a couple of months ago, and through it all, as usual, he’s been really undercover. That’s what he can do and chooses to do with his money: disappear. 

Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t come out for another 13 months. Which means if he doesn’t respond to Justin Bieber’s invitation, we could go almost a year before seeing him when he starts promoting the movie. The only update we’ve really had on the movie is from Jon Hamm a couple of weeks ago, when he was on the press circuit for Good Omens, talking about the technology they’re using for the film, and how the “aerial footage will be mindblowing”.  

Is it just me? Aren’t you curious what he does when he’s not on a movie set? What is his life? What’s his version of “normal”? Tom turns 57 years old next month. It’ll be 7 years at the end of this month since Katie Holmes abruptly announced that she was leaving him. Since then he’s been more mysterious and secretive than ever at a time when social media is like a GPS for celebrities. And now Justin Bieber’s the one who’s trying to draw him out – by appealing to his bloodlust. It’s so weird, it just might work? 

Yours in gossip,