Selena Gomez celebrated American Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago with Brooklyn and and Nicola Peltz-Beckham. It made headlines at the time because even if they’ve known each other a while, they’ve not really been all that public about their friendship. And also, Selena’s documentary, My Mind and Me, had just come out - and during the promotion she made a comment about not having any friends in the industry apart from Taylor Swift, which Francia Raisa, who donated her kidney to Selena, may have taken exception to


The point here is friendship, and Selena, given her experiences growing up in the business, doesn’t trust easily. As Maria pointed out in one of her Celebrity Social Media posts around American Thanksgiving, Nicola’s billionaire family background and Brooklyn’s Beckham-ness may be factors here in terms of discretion; presumably Selena would have no concerns with Nicola and Brooklyn and being sold out.

But what about other advantages? 

As we have seen, Brooklyn and Nicola have been trying to make Brooklyn and Nicola happen for a while. Nicola can currently be seen playing Dorothy Stratton in Welcome to Chippendales. Brooklyn has decided that food is his thing and he’s a chef now. Interestingly his family is actually really tight with a very famous chef and his family - Gordon Ramsay. Has anyone ever asked Gordon, who has never had a problem holding back an opinion, what he thinks of Brooklyn’s chef game? 


Maybe Brooklyn doesn’t want to pull on that family contact and is trying to make it on his own. Fair enough. But he now has a friend who actually has a cooking show. It’s literally called Selena + Chef. And she features renowned chefs on the series. 

You think that might come up? Did it come up when Selena met up with Brooklyn and Nicola for dinner the other night? Or will they never mix their friendship with their business?