Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall were photographed leaving Soho House the other day. Celebrities hang out at Soho House in LA and Malibu all the time. Sandy’s not one of the usuals you’d expect to see there though. As we know, Sandra Bullock knows how to go undercover when she isn’t working. She worked earlier this summer promoting Ocean’s 8 and, like right after, then she took herself out of the spotlight again, no problem. 

Speaking of Ocean’s 8 though, so far it’s made almost $300 million worldwide against a $70 million production budget. That’s a win. A solid win. So… where’s the sequel? 

If you’ve seen the movie, you know they built in room for a sequel. And even if they didn’t, whatever, Debbie and Lou could find another job, no problem. Nothing, however, has been announced. If it was I missed it. I just googled and no hits. But it has to be on the table, at least, right? Like the possibility has to be a… possibility, non? 

Ocean’s 9, are they in or not? Are you in or not?