As Anastasia just posted, Shawn and Camila are no more, and Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi are no more. Young Hollywood love, however, isn’t running low. When one love ends, another possibility comes to take its place. Jaden Smith and Phoebe Dynevor are hanging out now. 


At the start of 2021, fresh off the success of Bridgerton, Phoebe and Pete Davidson were a thing – and public about it too. Remember Wimbledon? They didn’t last the summer and, well, I’m sure you’ve heard, Pete is a Kardashian now. So Phoebe’s found her own Hollywood power family to spend time with. 

Phoebe and Jaden were at the Louis Vuitton event this weekend and seen leaving together. It’s not known whether they knew each other beforehand but there are all kinds of dotted lines connected these people. Jaden, for example, is friends with Kaia who used to be with Pete. Phoebe is a Louis Vuitton ambassador, like Sophie Turner, who’s also crossed friend circles over time with Jaden. None of these hookups, whether they’re platonic and romantic, are a stretch. It like a swing dance, with none of these breakups seeming to be all that dramatic. 

That’s the thing about Hollywood breakups – if there is a breakup season, it’s often a prelude to new couple season.