On April 3rd, 2017, the LaineyGossip team answered the question “When did Zac Efron go full douche?” By then, Zefron had already been exhibiting douche-y behaviours for years. I called him the “human embodiment of Matthew McConaughey doing yoga shirtless on a beach in 2007.” You know what the hair equivalent of Matthew McConaughey doing yoga shirtless on a beach in 2007 is? 

White guy dreads. 

Insert facepalm emoji.

If there was any question about Zac’s full doucheness after he went back to his musical roots and was semi-sweet and charming in The Greatest Showman, his latest Instagram puts that to rest. 


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Yep, still on brand. Zac Efron has dreadlocks now, meaning that at all times he’s just one rum and Coke away from pulling out his banjo and attempting to sing “Redemption Song.” It also means he’s added 100% more “bruhs” into his vocabulary. Zac is about to star in the stoner comedy The Beach Bum, hilariously with shirtless douche spirit guide Matthew McConaughey, and when I first saw this post, I thought for sure his atrocious new ‘do was for his role as Harmony Korine’s latest white character with a problematic hairstyle (see James Franco in cornrows in Spring Breakers).

But The Beach Bum is wrapped and the only dumb hairstyle he sports that we know of is this one. So, the dreads are seemingly by choice. If you want a refresher of how I generally feel about dreadlocks and cultural appropriation, you can revisit my piece on Bieber’s turn as a White Guy with Dreads. I’m not going to rehash all that here. I’m just going to laugh my ass off at how dumb Zac Efron looks right now. He definitely posted this on Instagram thinking he was hot sh-t wanting to show his “rad” new hair, bruh. Now, he’s just the butt of bunch of jokes and a comment section full of people calling out his stupidity. HA. 

Don’t worry, at least Zefron will have fun climbing Machu Picchu, going to Burning Man and perfecting his hacky sack game.