"As for the future, whatever's meant to be will always be.” That was the last line of Gigi Hadid’s statement after she and Zayn Malik broke up. Then, Zayn released an embarrassing video that Lainey loves and I hope I never have to watch again starring a Gigi lookalike. Zayn’s Let Me video ended with the words “to be continued.” 

A little over a week ago, Zayn was seen doing a walk of shame (leaving in the same clothes from the day before) from Gigi’s apartment and after all those hints that they wouldn’t be able to quit each other, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. But it could have been a moment of weakness between exes. It didn’t necessarily mean that Zayn and Gig were back on. 

Now, we’ve got pictures of Zayn and Gigi making out in public. It’s full on public PDA in broad daylight. They would know people were watching. This comes not even two months after their corresponding breakup statements. Do you think they are embarrassed? If this was me, I’d be embarrassed that my breakup didn’t even last a full semester. 

Zayn does not look embarrassed. If we’re playing Photo Assumption™ Zayn seems like the one who is more into this reconciliation. He’s leaning hard into Gigi while she is literally backed up against a wall. She looks like she’s trying to suppress a small, coy smile so her flirtation may just be coming off as hesitation but it looks awkward. These are two people who were in a serious relationship and they look like they’re kissing for the first time. I am embarrassed for them. 

As Lainey pointed out in her last post about Zayn, he just parted ways with his manager and may be more inclined to rely on a familiar face during a tough time. As for Gigi, she’s the one who dropped the “whatever’s meant to be will always be.” If it’s a drama-free breakup with nothing but distance to blame and your ex comes to you, potentially in need of emotional support and wants to try again, do you give in? It looks like Gigi gave in. 

Yesterday, Zayn and Gigi were spotted arriving at her apartment separately, 24 hours after the kissing shots. So, they’re not just making out on sidewalks in the heat of the moment. They’re doing back-to-back hangout sessions. If you’ve ever gone back to an ex, you know that it can go from zero to 100 real quick. They were together for two years which is like twenty years when you’re their age. How long before they’re back at 100 and the problems that led to “to be continued” show up again?