Law Roach, whose work has given us so much life the last few years, was named InStyle’s Stylist of the Year at last night’s InStyle Awards. Zendaya was there to present to him. And, well, with their partnership, he could win Stylist of the Year every year. You’ve seen what they’ve created together. And you’ve seen the impact he made on Celine Dion. Law Roach is indeed an “image architect”, a title he created and trademarked for himself and if you consider what he and Zendaya have built, through her looks, so many f-cking amazing looks, it IS architecture. Zendaya and Law kickstarted their careers one outfit at a time. And they continue to rise together. 

Have you watched Euphoria yet? I was obsessed with Euphoria this summer – all of it, from the characters to the makeup to the acting and Zendaya’s acting, holy sh-t, it’s her best performance so far. Zendaya in Euphoria is the signal to casting directors and other decision-makers in the industry that she has it, she has the range. And there are some signs that she could be nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Euphoria Gold Derby has her on the Best TV Drama Actress list right now alongside Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Colman, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), and Nicole Kidman. So Zendaya + two Oscar winners and two Emmy winners, no big deal. 

Zendaya is coming for award season. Which…is kind of a problem. After the Emmys, Duana and I removed her from eligibility and entered her into the Red Carpet Hall of Fame. She’s 23 years old. But she and Law are just too f-cking good. If she’s eligible, it’s almost unfair to everyone else. So we can’t name her Best Dressed even though she will probably be Best Dressed – at the Globes, at Critics’ Choice, at the SAGs, at all the shows. That’s not to say, though, that we won’t find a way to include her though. Of course we will. Every Zendaya-Law outfit has to be seen. 

In other Zendaya news, a couple of months ago she and Jacob Elordi were seen on holiday in Greece together. They kept it quiet until last Saturday when they went to a movie. There have also been a few social media mentions. I know there are some of you (Kathleen) who are not over Zendaya and Tom Holland yet but let my fickle ass lead you out of the past. THIS IS HOT. So hot that I’m trying not to care too much because it could get out of control.