The Dune: Part 2 promo tour has been in Seoul the last couple of days and, I mean, the main event here is Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, right? 


Love and respect to Austin Butler and the other cast and crew members but if we’re focusing on the spectacle of style… well… the matching jumpsuits are the story. 

Zendaya Coleman and Timothée Chalamet attend The Movie 'Dune: Part Two' press conference at Conrad Hotels in Yeongdeungpo-gu on February 21, 2024 in Seoul, South Korea

Cliché, but it works here: if you can't beat her, join her. 


You’ll recall, of course, what happened last week in London with Zendaya in that Mugler and Timmy basically disappearing beside her. Now? The jumpsuits, together, they’re a joint force – it’s a f-cking moment. 


What makes it even more interesting is the Law Roach of it all. First of all, as usual, as expected, it’s how intentional Law always is at these times. These jumpsuits are by Korean designer Juun J. And BOTH Zendaya and Timmy are wearing them so, presumably, Law has also styled Timmy on this occasion. Just a one-off or a sign of what’s to come? 

And the song choice! When in Korea, play Jungkook, the Usher remix. 


For her second look in Seoul, Law put Zendaya in archival Givenchy by McQueen. An unexpected and imaginative pull made that much better by the hair choice. Obsessed with this hairstyle and I will be ripping it off next week, that’s a promise. 


In other Zendaya news, the full Buzzfeed puppies interview with Zendaya is dropping later today but of course Buzzfeed clipped a moment that was guaranteed to go viral – when she can’t keep Tom Holland’s name out of her mouth, and we love to see it! 

This is very important. Because he fangirls over her a lot. And he should get some of that back in return.