Zendaya and Tom Holland are in London shooting Spider-Man: Far From Home. I knew once they started filming, we'd get some more Zomdaya sightings for my fan fiction but I still wasn't prepared for the sound that escaped my body when Lainey sent me this: 


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It's not exactly a look of love but goddammit I'll take it. They are standing so close together, communicating through eye contact like so many couples do, probably silently complaining about the smelly strangers on the tube pressed up against them (how are all these people so chill though?) WHERE ARE ZENDAYA'S HANDS? Please give me a moment to imagine where Zendaya's hands are.

As romantic as their tube ride looks, Zomdaya were not alone. They were accompanied by their co-star Jacob Batalon (Ned!) and they were reportedly very nice to the smelly strangers on the tube.

A couple weeks ago, a reader sent me this post from British actor Harry Gilby of Zendaya, Tom and Jacob hanging out at a festival. 


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This is not unusual. Casts hang out. This young cast has always claimed to be close. Of course they're hanging out on their downtime from set. And since they are all hanging out together, it just looks like a platonic group hang. But as we know, Tom and Zendaya never stopped hanging out. Even when they weren't filming, they were spending holidays together and having sleepovers sans Jacob.

It is still very possible that these two are in fact "just best friends" but there is so much circumstantial evidence to the contrary. I also really want to believe in Zomdaya and the power of young love. This is also one couple I don't think will fall into the summer of "fast flames" category. Zendaya's too smart for that. That is, if they are even dating at all. 

When Tom and Zendaya chose to forgo their individual rooms and spend the night together in Zendaya's fantasy suite (can you tell it's The Bachelorette night?) that was the biggest indication we've gotten that whatever is going on between these two is more than PG-13, other than the sheer amount of time they spend together. They also hang out with each other's families, comment on and like all of each other's posts (the true Gen Z sign of love) and aren't dating anyone else that we know of. 

Why am I trying to talk myself out of this? ZOMDAYA FOREVER. I keep saying this and I won't stop: the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour is going to be very interesting. They either lean harder into the "just friends" routine, avoid the topic altogether or make all my standom dreams come true and PDA all over the red carpet. The suspense is killing me.