I’m on day five of COVID and I’m definitely not out of it but today is a slight improvement on yesterday so hopefully it’s trending in the right direction. There are two things that have been a relief to me during COVID misery – BTS at the White House on Tuesday and yesterday… this: 


And his response: 

Zendaya and Tom Holland are the internet’s favourite couple – across demographics, no matter the fandom or the age range. And while it’s not unusual for Tom to be demonstrative about his feelings for her, Z’s a little more restrained. So for her to be this emotive… well… that explains why this was such a big deal, I mean look at the number of likes there are on this tweet: 


Over a half a million and counting! Those are BTS numbers!

It’s the photo, a beautiful shot of them unmistakably in love. And the caption, obviously. Mostly I’m just so happy for him, you know? That really is the best gift ever. 

Here’s Tom, seen on his birthday yesterday in New York filming the upcoming Apple series The Crowded Room and she’s been shooting Challenger in Boston but they were together in NYC earlier this week so maybe an early birthday celebration? 


And to go back to the internet’s reaction and investment in Tom’s birthday gift from Zendaya… Kathleen’s response says it all: