This is not the first time Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman have walked a red carpet together. I think it’s been a while since we’ve seen them together on a carpet but, again, it’s not new. What’s new is that this is the first carpet they’ve been on together since she revealed that they are engaged. Probably I care more about this than you do and if that’s true…really? 

Why aren’t you as obsessed with them as I am? They’re adorable! Do I need to namecheck Noah Centineo here for you to care? Karl has what Noah is desperate for: Karl’s been in a Gaspar Noé film. Gaspar Noé, for Noah’s cohort, is like how the previous generation, the James Francos, for example, used to talk about Gus Van Sant. We’ll come back to Noah later today. For now let’s enjoy Noah’s favourite word, “love”, which he’d probably try to trademark if he could, but the real kind, and not the branded kind, through Zoë and Karl, with their ridiculous cheekbones and defined jawlines. 

What kind of wedding do you think it will be? The most obvious answer is, like, free-spirit boho…right? See… I think that’s TOO obvious. Wouldn’t you want to see a properly dramatic, over-the-top castle wedding done the Zoë Kravitz way? Think of the dress possibilities. And the headpiece possibilities. Think of what she could do with a look like that? God, this entire post has just been me begging you to care about this as much as I do.