Denim shorts are my preoccupation and I was already posting about this before the summer. I got my favourite pair of denim shorts brand new a few years ago with Sasha when we were on a work trip in Banff. One day we walked into a store, I saw them, they were $45 and I put them on, brand new they were perfect and felt soft, like they were vintage, except they weren’t. The shorts are still in good shape but I’m worried I wear them too much so that’s why I have backups. The backups are fine, they’re just not as 100% as my beloveds. Like this pair I got from Zara a few weeks ago. The price is great (CDN$39) but they’re stiff. And they’re short. And I was already trying to account for that by going a size up. What I like is that they’re cut lower in the back but in the front, well, it’s not quite labia territory but I keep worrying about it which is not the point of denim shorts – you’re supposed to throw them on and forget about the rest. 


Anyway, here’s Zoe Saldana in the perfect summer outfit, which of course includes a pair of denim shorts. And a white button-down shirt. I will love this look forever. Her shorts look not stiff at all, and roomy, which is key. The teens are out here all over the tight denim short but I like my denim shorts wide enough so that you can do a full lunge. 

Zoe and her husband, Marco Perego, are currently on holiday in Portofino, another celebrity summertime tradition. Portofino is a star hotspot. Also attached, Zoe out for dinner with Marco in a really, really pretty, slinky gold slip-dress. It’s gorgeous. And with her hair pulled back and the earrings and the light makeup and her tan, it’s a really, really great look.