I was originally just going to post these shots of Zoey Deutch’s fleece because this is how social media trends become fashion trends. But we’ll get to that in a minute since it’s just been announced that she’s signed onto a new project and I really like this story. 


Quinn Shephard will direct Not Okay from her own script about a woman who is so desperate to be popular, she fakes a trip to Paris on social media. This happens all the time in real life – people pretend to be one place on Instagram when they’re not. Or they front like they’re boarding a private jet and they get busted for it. Most of the stories we’ve come across like this that go viral are harmless in the sense that the only consequence is social media embarrassment. But what happens in Not Okay is that while Zoey’s character claims to be in Paris, some sh-t goes down in Paris for real, and since she’s conned people into thinking she’s actually there, it “becomes a moral quandary that offers her all the attention she’s wanted”. They haven’t revealed specifically what the situation is but imagine there’s a humanitarian crisis or something, a disaster, and she’s lying about being there and going on IG live or FB live and “reporting” to people about it? Anyway, my point is, I’m into this premise and I already can’t wait to see it. 

To go back to Zoey’s pullover – on social media over the last year or so, we’ve been celebrating senior fashion, and the accounts featuring East Asian elders have been particularly popular. Chinatown Pretty is a good one. Look at this badass: 


And, of course, the Taiwan grandparents were the ones who may have gotten the biggest headlines with the account @wantshowasyoung. They were even profiled in the NYT.

So when I see Zoey wearing a fleece like this one, my mind goes to all the East Asian elders that I’ve seen in my life because this is exactly the kind of thing they wear. It’s what my ma wears. It’s elder fashion – and it’s now on trend for the young generation. Come on. Five years ago, ten years ago, this would not have been cool. People Zoey’s age wouldn’t even know where to buy these items (the Chinese mall and vendor stands have stacks of them so don’t go spending hundreds of dollars on the designer ones when you could get one for cheap) and now they’re a regular part of the wardrobe. 


To go back to the East Asian senior models, though, I was tagged on this tweet yesterday and I really should submit my ma to one of these sites because she 100% fits the profile.