Special K* Popcorn Chips Festival Pop-Up Celeb #4: Julianne Moore

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We were thrilled to have partnered with Special K* Popcorn Chips this season to bring you our full coverage of this year’s festival.  Between our main section and posts in Lifestyle, we exceeded 50 posts from red carpets to reviews to candids.  

Throughout the festival and with the help of Special K* Popcorn Chips, we highlighted Pop-up celebs who made their mark at TIFF 2014.  The first was Miles Teller promoting Whiplash Then it was all about the boys of The Riot Club.  And last time it was Eddie Redmayne.

TIFF 2014 wrapped this weekend with A Little Chaos, starring Kate Winslet, directed by Alan Rickman. My always Snape. And now the campaigning begins. Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch are very well positioned coming out of Toronto. Foxcatcher is in good shape too. Reese Witherspoon, definitely. But Julianne Moore might have something to say about that for Still Alice.

Moore was named Best Actress coming out of Cannes for her performance in Maps To The Stars. But when it was announced just before TIFF started that Maps had been pushed to 2015, some thought we’d have to wait a year to see her crowned. Then Still Alice happened. Right now, if you’re looking for someone to challenge Reese, someone to block Reese from winning a second Oscar, it could very well be Julianne Moore. The fact that she doesn’t have one is absurd. Moore has worked with almost everyone.  She’s very well-respected and admired. And while Reese may have the super-agent husband lobbying on her behalf, Moore vs Witherspoon might be a better battle than, say, Amy Adams, the sweetest ever, but who may not have that kind of fight in her. Julianne Moore’s been nominated 4 times before. Can it be her time now? Finally?

Yes, yes, I hear you. It’s early. But the New York Film Festival opens on September 26. And Gone Girl and Inherent Vice will be declaring their intentions. And Birdman will try to rebuild some of its momentum after getting kinda forgotten during TIFF. So while we still have 6 months to go, there’s a lot of jockeying going on already. Sit back and watch the race unfold…

Thank you all for visiting LaineyGossip during the festival and big thanks to Special K* Popcorn Chips for helping make it happen!  If you haven’t tried them yet, pick up a box or two and satisfy your buttery cravings for 100 calories or less per serving as you take in a flick. 

Attached:  More photos Julianne Moore at the premiere of Still Alice last week, and Kate Winslet at the A Little Chaos premiere this past weekend.  

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