The New York Times published a new piece by Angelina Jolie yesterday with her response to Donald Trump’s immigration ban. She does not mention him by name. But it’s clear what she’s addressing as an American, a mother and UNHCR Special Envoy.

A few people have written to me this week wondering why Angelina hadn’t spoken earlier. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations criticised the immigration ban on Wednesday. Guterres was High Commissioner for the UNHCR prior to becoming Secretary-General. It makes sense that Angelina only released her comments after his. Click here to read her op-ed. For the record, I appreciate her perspective and I am not in support of the executive order issued by Trump last week. This post, however, is not about that issue. This post is about Angelina Jolie, specifically, editing Angelina Jolie.

As you know, this is not the first time Angelina has contributed to the NYT. In 2013 she made major headlines after she revealed in the NYT that she’d undergone a double mastectomy. At the time, I heard from two excellent sources who told me that Angelina allegedly insisted on having her piece published as is. If you’re a fan of Angelina, you might be like, well, she’s Angelina Jolie! Of course she can insist on having her piece published as is, no editing. If you know publishing though, you might be like, um, it doesn’t matter who it is, even Hemingway needed an editor. Back to the Angelina side: maybe she submitted her piece pre-edited, by her own editor, her own contacts, her own people. Publishing side: it’s still the New York Times!

To be clear, I have no idea how it worked when her subsequent pieces were submitted and what the editorial process would have been for those.

In other Angelina news, a promo for her Netflix film First They Killed My Father also dropped yesterday. All the films she’s directed have been passion projects. Perhaps none as passionate as this one.

Here's Angelina shopping with Knox and Vivienne on the weekend in Malibu.