And now, a diversion into a particular pocket of nerd…

“Into The Woods It’s Time To Go I Hate To Leave I Have To Though…”

If you know – if you have that particular brand of musical nerd in you – you got a bit hyper and out of breath as you mouthed those words super-rapidly. I love this musical so much maybe because I never got to perform in it. But I will live vicariously, oh yes…

One of the things that always stays with me when we talk about movie musicals is Nicole Kidman saying her mother always hoped she would be in one, and Kidman was like “Mu-ummm, they don’t make movies like that anymore”.  

And to a certain extent, when a teenage Anna Kendrick was RIDING THE BUS FROM MAINE to go to Manhattan theatre auditions, she must have felt the same way – Broadway was Broadway and movies were awful teen confections like Can’t Hardly Wait and it didn’t ever seem like things like this – like a big-budget adaptation of Into The Woods – were ever going to happen. 

But not only is it happening – not only is Anna Kendrick playing Cinderella, and Emily Blunt playing the Baker’s Wife, and just LOOK at Baranski playing the stepmother – but Anna Kendrick is so elated at the fact that this is actually happening that she has to stop and take a picture with her iPhone. I don’t know if Chris Pine is equally moved, or whether that’s projection on my part. But for a theatre nerd – and actually, I think Emily Blunt falls into this category too – this is wish fulfillment in a really pure, teenage love of musicals way.  The Geeks shall inherit the earth after all!

So now it’s just an exercise in patience and replaying the soundtrack (alternating between original cast and 2002 revival) and waiting for pictures of Meryl Streep as The Witch. I know some of you are on this boat with me. If you are a musical nerd but somehow missed Into The Woods the first time, it’s kind of perfect for playing in the car or while you’re cleaning – utterly immersive. Plenty of time to catch up.

Oh and for purists – they did indeed recast Little Red. It’s not that creature from Ellen any longer but an actual qualified Broadway actress.

Are you having panicky excited elation as you practice your breathing? Because I am. I’m out of practice and this stuff is HARD to sing.