What I do appreciate about the People’s Choice Awards is that it’s a popularity contest, as almost all award shows are, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. The more prestigious awards are popularity contests too – Hollywood inner circle popularity and who can campaign harder to earn that fleeting popularity – but they’re represented as recognitions of merit. “Best” Actor, “Outstanding” Actor, etc. At the PCAs, the adjective they use in their categories is “Favourite” which is about as clear as you can be on how they decide on the recipients. Last night at the PCAs, Blake Lively was named Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress for her work in The Shallows. The other nominees in the category were Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts. It’s Blake’s first People’s Choice Award win. She dedicated the award to “Girl Power” and thanked the people who voted for her for sending Hollywood a message that we need to see more stories about women, real women. It’s a noble sentiment. I’m not sure that’s exactly what the fans of the People’s Choice Awards had in mind when they were voting in a popularity contest for their Favourite Dramatic Actress, but, sure, it’s a noble sentiment. And supposedly we’re not supposed to sh-t on thoughts that count.

As for the dress, I quite like the fringing going on here. And what I like more is that Blake, in the past, hasn’t always been great at the pick one rule. Which is that if you’re exposing the top, the style guide is that you don’t bare the bottom. And conversely, if you’re gonna go short short, ease up on the tits. Which is what she does here. All legs, which looks great. And balanced out with the layers and the fringe up top.