Jennifer Lopez was on Radio Andy and said she and Alex have considered the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell approach (long-term commitment without the marriage certificate). This is surprising to me because as we know, Jennifer loves love and, in the past, that meant getting engaged and/or married. This time she tells Andy it’s no rush: "At our age, we’ve both been married before, it’s like, do we get married? Do we not? What does it mean for us.” This doesn’t sound like hesitancy to me, but rather a clear-eyed look at how relationships with families don’t require a wedding.


Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy are starring in a new Liane Moriarty adaptation, Nine Perfect Strangers. I hope Nicole Kidman is single this time. She needs a break from psychopathic fictional husbands. 

A few months ago I was browsing a cooking blog and came across a cheese and chocolate charcuterie board – not for me, so I kept scrolling. But it did stick in my brain because as soon as I saw this story The Rise of the Charcuterie-Free Charcuterie Board,  it clicked: “charcuterie boards” don’t have meat on them anymore. This is the new thing. Now it’s candy or cookies or Bath and Body Works products. And even the word “charcuterie” is up for debate, so it’s moving towards words like platter or spread. While though most of us won’t be eating communally this holiday season (remember picking cheese off a sweaty platter at a party? The good old days!), this is a very interesting read. (Pictured here is a crostini Christmas tree.)


Ariana Grande posted her first post-engagement selfie but it appears to be from the same batch as the announcement. In today’s shot, the ring isn’t on display. It’s a polarizing design but that’s why I think it works for her. (Cody explained the meaning of the pearl here.)

Gideon and Harper should have instigated a coup and overthrown the kitchen. 


Let Them All Talk is on my list of things to watch this week and seeing Gemma Chan in a beautiful dress made me think of Crazy Rich Asians – are we getting a sequel? And when? The last I read was about Adele Lim leaving the project because she did not receive pay parity with her male co-writer from the studio.


Lainey literally just sent this to me as I was filing and I had to include. Goths on beat! 

Attached: Jennifer Lopez visits Gucci in Miami on December 20, 2020.