The Victoria’s Secret marketing avalanche has begun.


we're off!

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The Third Best Joker wants someone to know he’s thinking about them.


Thinking about you

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Naomi Campbell is going to focus more on her acting career, but will she ever top the masterpiece that is Cool as Ice? Gwyneth was offered a part in that film as well; her dad made her turn it down.

Ryan Phillippe is not into love locks. His posts from Paris have been quite surly. He did split with his fiancée earlier this month.

Margot Robbie doesn’t post a lot so I’m not sure if this is her home but I love the look of it.


'Tis the season šŸŽ„

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Have John Mayer and Mandy Moore ever dated? It feels like they should have dated, but I don’t know if they actually did or if I’m just mixing up the John and Wilmer pool. Those two have so much overlap.

Side-eye alert: Diane Kruger complaining about a 6-day work week.

No one noticed Calvin Harris’s Easter egg so he had to point it out. This narrative is becoming exhausting: some people thought the girl riding the horse in his My Way video was a reference to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. So maybe the background shot in This Is What You Came For was a hint that she wrote the song? Whatever the case he’s dying for you to talk about him and Taylor again.


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Spoiler alert.