I’ve wanted to post these photos of Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Chris Hemsworth promoting The Huntsman: Winter’s War but didn’t have anything to say beyond I’m not sure about the draw of this movie – as Sarah’s mentioned – but I still want to see it because Charlize + Emily + Jessica Chastain.

Then an email came into my inbox from Gossip Cop about the new issue of OK! Magazine:

They worked together on Reindeer Games. And now since they’re both single, tall, and hot, the tabloids are trying to make them happen. Gossip Cop is calling bullsh-t. And, well, I’m not sure they had to. When would there have been time? Apparently they talked at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. But since then, he’s been blitzing for Batman v Superman and no one is watched harder right now than he is.

A good story though. But after escape-hatching herself from a guy like Sean Penn, would Charlize Theron take on a knucklehead like Ben Affleck