What else was the title for this post going to be?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I’m a big fan of Kevin Kwan’s book Crazy Rich Asians and the follow-up China Rich Girlfriend. Last year I wondered why even though Crazy Rich Asians came out in 2013 and was acquired for film adaptation a few months later the movie still hasn’t happened, when a book like Gone Girl goes from publication to film production simultaneously. In the fall it was announced that Jon M Chu would be directing. And that they’ve fast-tracked the movie. And there’s been a worldwide casting call for Asian actors. And then, yesterday, this:


It wasn’t just Constance Wu who tweeted it. Kevin did too:

So it’s true. Constance Wu will headline a film about Asian characters – and it’s a rom-com. That helps to wash the taste of Mel Gibson’s comeback out your mouth, a little, non? This is such good news on so many levels. Also some relief. Because Constance, as you know, has been so outspoken about the f-cksh-t that Hollywood tries to get away with all the time. Duana and I talked a few weeks ago on the Show Your Work podcast whether or not she would be blacklisted or see her opportunities disappear for taking a stand. A few weeks after that we dream-casted her in a rom-com. And now, just as The Great Wall is opening in theatres, a film she has been openly critical of, we are hearing that she’s getting more work. Hopefully it’s just the beginning.

Because now that they’ve cast Rachel, they still have to cast Nick. Who will be Nick? (Nicholas Tse could do it, don’t you think?) And who will be Kitty Pong??? As I’ve mentioned before, I have no acting aspirations, but I really want to play Kitty Pong, a golddigging former soap opera actress who marries a billionaire and hires a consultant to help her class-up. I COULD DO THIS.