There’s a new TV spot for Spectre, the next installment in the Bond franchise. (Every time someone asks me when superhero movies will be over, I remind them that Bond has been going strong for fifty-three years and watch the light die in their eyes.) It’s mostly recycled from the teaser trailer,  but there are more action shots, including a pretty sweet shot of a flaming car chase. We also get blink-and-you’ll-miss-them glimpses of Ben Whishaw as Q, Dave Bautista as the henchman Hinx, and Bond girls Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. There is also—and I don’t know how I missed this the first time—a scene in which Bond wears a tactleneck. I choose to believe this is a deliberate nod to Archer. (Lainey: am I perv? Because I canNOT WAIT to see the Bellucci-Bond love scene. It better be LONG.)

Still not super clear on the plot, except that there is an evil organization—isn’t there always?—and Things May Not Be What They Seem. As Lainey previously mentioned, Spectre is still shooting and it’s due in theaters in November, less than six months from now. With time for delivery factored in, they have barely five months to finish the film. That’s doable, but it’s not pleasant for anyone involved (aka “the Marvel zone”). And it means you don’t have any margin for error—with an out of control budget and marketing costs sure to be equally insane, this movie HAS to make a metric sh*tton of cash. Better pack an extra tactleneck, Bond. You’re going to need it.