Today in Your Dreams Are Coming True, Helen Mirren Edition, Helen Mirren told Elle magazine that she will, in fact, be appearing in Fast 8, the eighth Fast/Furious movie that is somehow not called F8. Last year she went on the record with her admiration of Vin Diesel, and also her desire to be a “mad driver" in a Fast/Furious movie. When asked if he would be excited for Helen Mirren, Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, to join the franchise, Diesel responded: “Of course I would! Who wouldn’t? It’s Helen. Amazing. […] Tell her I said so,” he added, having reached the end of his allotted syllable count for the day.

Mirren stated a desire to play a villain in the movie, but nothing about her role has been confirmed. Which means that until someone says otherwise, it’s possible that Dame Helen Mirren will star in F8 as a villainess named Lady Ancilla Ravencroft and that the entire movie will just be her and Charlize Theron, as her niece, a daring adventuress, on the run from the law. Vin Diesel will growl unintelligibly at them and they will reply with coldly cutting putdowns, and Lady Ancilla will have a steamy affair with both The Rock and Tyrese, because no one man can satisfy Lady Ancilla Ravencroft. In the end, she will go out in a blaze of glory, but though they will find the body of her niece, there will be no sign of Lady Ancilla. And as Vin Diesel says something largely incomprehensible about never giving up the search, The Rock will look into the far distance and smile slightly.