GOOP is not celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead, she says in the new GOOP that Valentine’s Day is “just a f-cked up reminder of what you don’t have”. For her? An editor.

So the newsletter is full of single suggestions. Cook alone, eat alone, listen alone, culture alone. Almost as though it were written for Cameron Diaz. As she concludes:

“Suffering is never in vain if you find what it's there to teach.”

So what should Cammie be doing today?

She’ll enjoy a New England Bouillabaisse. And then Beef Bourguignon. That sounds...amazing, actually. If I were her I’d skip the Fennel, Apple, and Walnut Salad and go straight for the baked potato with the plaintive sounds of Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill to keep her company before curling up with Heartburn. Hilariously GOOP also suggests a visit to Selfridges...but not to shop. There’s a “quiet room” where Cammie can think. This is crazy talk. If you’ve ever been to Selfridges, you’d know... spending time in the “quiet room” is a wasted endeavour there.

Also -- the new GOOP collaboration with Veronica Beard. It’s a blazer with a French terry hood. Dope. And also $900. Before you start punching yourself in the face though, that’s the standard sell price for a Veronica Beard jacket. You don’t actually think Gwyneth Paltrow has any Forever 21 in her closet, do you? Click here for more on the exclusive GOOP Veronica Beard blazer. And here for GOOP’s Cameron Diaz Valentine’s Day. And here to shop Veronica Beard. I’m thinking about this silk printed swing dress. It’s on sale!