How much Jennifer Lawrence have we seen this summer? This is not a multiple choice question. There is only one answer: almost none. We talk about how movie stars just aren’t made anymore. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few true movie stars to have emerged over the last decade. She’s a big deal. And yet, she manages to go undercover, to keep a low profile, to disappear, to remove herself from the scene when she wants to. Amazingly, she actually wants to. How many of them actually want to? Or maybe the question is how many can follow through with it knowing that they probably should? It’s not like over-exposure is a foreign idea to famous people. It’s that, too often, they can’t f-cking help themselves, especially the young ones.

Jennifer is a Dior ambassador. She was in Paris on Friday to attend the Dior show, her first official appearance in months, ever since the X-Men press tour. There haven’t been very many pap sightings either. Jennifer spent several weeks in Vancouver recently shooting Darren Aronofsky’s new film and was photographed very briefly on a rooftop patio in August with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem but those shots didn’t really register since you could only see her head. You know who else is in that movie? Domhnall Gleeson. I love him. Jennifer and Domhnall, THAT is a great idea, don’t you think?

This bra is also a great idea. I like that it looks like tape. And she’s got a gorgeous leather jacket to go over the whole outfit too. But those shoes, they’re scaring me. VOGUE crusaded for the kitten heel last month and a lot of people had a lot of feelings about it, mostly angry ones. Jennifer Lawrence is clearly subscribing to VOGUE’s recommendation to wear kitten heels with jeans. We here at LaineyGossip have made clear our vehement moral opposition to the kitten heel. I have practically memorised every word of Duana’s anti-kitten heel manifesto posted in 2012. F-ck the kitten heel. For life.