A couple of years ago, after The Theory Of Everything came out and Eddie Redmayne was the frontrunner to win Oscar, Joanna wrote a post called Eddie and all his friends. It was early November 2014 and Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman showed up to celebrate Eddie in New York. As the weeks went on, many of Eddie’s most famous friends and former co-stars helped with Eddie’s campaign. Anne Hathaway was there for a few dinners and Andrew Garfield was also a steady presence.

At the time, Andrew was dating Emma Stone. Now Emma is the current frontrunner for Best Actress Oscar for her performance in La La Land. Last night she was in New York for a special screening of the film, perhaps hoping to build support with the New York Film Critics Circle as the critics boards can sometimes influence nominations, and, oh, look who showed up:

It’s no secret that the two are friends. They’ve been hanging out for a few years. Earlier this year they went to see Adele together. And now Jen, who has her own Oscar, is clearly throwing whatever influence she has behind her girl…in Jennifer Lawrence style, of course:

What I love about that joke is that it speaks to competition. Jennifer Lawrence calling herself a “fan” (instead of “friend”) of Emma Stone is an acknowledgement of Emma’s talent and her work. She’s saying – in jest – that Emma is so good that it makes her jealous. And this is OK! As long as it doesn’t actually go Harding, obviously. But the point is that even though the default position these days seems to be “don’t pit women against each other, we are not in competition”, the fact is, competition can be good, and healthy, and it can actually be essential, if in the spirit of that fair competition, the goal is to arrive at greater results.