It was Suri Cruise’s birthday yesterday. She was in New York with her mother. Her father, Tom Cruise, was photographed in London, arriving on the set of The Mummy. He spends a lot of time in England now. And on back to back to back projects.

But can you believe Suri’s 10? She was born a year after Tom and Katie Holmes’s first date. That year, those couple of years, actually, it was a golden age of gossip. Brange dominated headlines. The Chosen One Shiloh would arrive just a month after Suri, making her world premiere on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine. I totally forgot about this but the talk about Suri at the time was that she was a mystery. Do you remember? How people were like, where is Suri, what has Xenu done with her?

And that’s why this happened:

That headline “Someone Wanted to See Me” directly addresses all the conspiracy theories about why she hadn’t been seen publicly. Tom and Katie invited Vanity Fair to their home in Telluride, along with Annie Leibovitz, to photograph them as a family and talk about their lives together.

If you have time today, you should revisit this article. At one point, during the photo shoot, Tom and Katie kiss and everyone around them starts crying because… I dunno, actually. They were all tripping on the power of their love?

You’ll recall, this is also when Tom was calling her “Kate”, even though she was “Katie” to everyone else. Katie defends Tom passionately in this piece. She’s surrounded by her parents too, so no one here is isolated. Taken on its own, you almost can’t believe that this relationship imploded six years later. And not only that, it’s Vanity Fair. The Vanity Fair cover featuring Tom, Katie, and Suri was for the October 2006 issue. In its October 2012 issue, 3 months after Katie ninja’ed out of her marriage, this is what Vanity Fair led with:

Which means Tom Cruise will never talk to Vanity Fair again. Graydon Carter and Vanity Fair had to have known that that would be the consequence; they did it anyway. And I still feel like there are so many missing pieces.

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia has been brought to you by a Scientology belly-cup:

Click here to re-read the article from 2006.