Do you like what Katie Holmes is wearing for once? I do. I can’t believe it but I do! From top to bottom, I do!

Katie went out for dinner last night with a friend who gave her flowers. Before you get excited, that friend was not Luke Kirby. Or Gloria Steinem. Did you hear about that? According to Page Six the two went out last week and were talking intensely. What do you suppose Gloria Steinem thinks of Xenu? For that matter, since Katie Holmes has been rumoured -- along with everyone else in Hollywood -- to be in consideration for Fifty Shades Of Grey, what do you suppose Steinem would say about that?

Katie, you just released yourself from the bonds of Tom Cruise, do you really want to get tied up again? Or would Steinem actually be into a dude who tells her what to eat and how much to sleep, all in the name of LOVE.