Since… the great escape.

I mean she’s done some press for makeup here and there, but The Giver is her first major acting project since the divorce. She made the rounds today in New York, first on The Today Show and also on Sirius Radio. Soundbites? Come on, now. It’s Katie Holmes. We max out at 4 on an excitement level when it comes to Katie Holmes, and oftentimes it really has nothing directly to do with her.

Like this story that’s making headlines about how she was once considered for Piper, Taylor Schilling’s role, in Orange Is The New Black. According to showrunner Jenji Kohan, she and Katie met about the part. Apparently part of it was scheduling. “She had other things to do” is how Kohan described it.

Um, really? What?

Katie said today on The Today Show that: 

"I'm an artist so I'm a risk-taker. I love adventures and new things."

Celebrities never see themselves as others see them, non?