Katy Perry and John Mayer got back together near the start of 2015 when it was reported that they went out for dinner and he followed her home in his car. It would be the third time they hooked up. He was also with her at the MET Gala in May. Then in July, E! News reported that they’d broken up, again. But that was bullsh-t because a few days later, I posted that they were seen together in Wyoming – click here for a refresher. And they were holding hands at Allison Williams’s wedding in September, even though, at the time, PEOPLE claimed that they were just good friends. Look at these shots. That seem like “just good friends” to you?

Since then they’ve kept it pretty quiet. Here they are last night leaving The Nice Guy after dinner. So they made it through a year together. Katy’s been working on a new album and there’s been some word that it’s coming in 2016. Can they make it through him having to watch his girlfriend go to #1 again? Why do I feel like he doesn’t deal well with that?