Leah Remini has been telling on the Church of Scientology for years now, at great personal risk, if you believe the stories out there about the organisation’s revenge and silencing tactics. Now she’s coming for the Church’s most high profile member: Tom Cruise. 


All the details are below and if you haven’t already, it’s a very, very, very long read, almost even too long to summarise because all of it sounds f-cked. 

If you’ve been following Leah’s criticism of Scientology, the spirit of this shouldn’t be new to you. She has accused the Church of all kinds of abuses and corruption. In her book, she details how she was manipulated for years and how people continue to be manipulated and conned by Scientology teachings. Now she’s sharing a chapter that she didn’t include in the book with Tony Ortega about how Tom Cruise has benefited from Scientology’s allegedly sinister practices and why he should be held accountable. It’s not a small fight. Tom Cruise may not be as influential now as he used to be but he’s still a big deal. He has several big deal movies coming out. And there are a lot of big deal people, who aren’t necessarily Scientologists, invested in his ongoing success. When there’s that much money involved, they won’t give a sh-t about whatever people are saying about Scientology connections. This is why Leah tweeted this when she shared Tony Ortega’s post:


Like I said, Leah and Tony lay out so much alleged Scientology f-cksh-t in their report, it’s almost overwhelming. So before you go and read it, I’ll leave you with the one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about: according to Leah and Tony, Scientology people stepped in to, like, mentor potential Tom Cruise girlfriends on how to be with him… intimately. One woman was urged to be more aggressive when she kissed him because he was unhappy with her not making the first move – like he expected her to jump him as soon as she was in his presence. Which of course should remind you of Thandie Newton’s recent interview with E Alex Jung and what she said about him wanting her to be an “alpha bitch” when they were shooting Mission: Impossible 2. I guess he’s looking for that in his girlfriends too? Leah told Tony that she appreciates that Thandie told that story publicly:

“The only people who really know Tom Cruise are Scientologists. He let that armor crack for a moment, and Thandie saw it. And although Tom is not as powerful in Hollywood as he once was, he has a powerful agent who does wield a lot of power. For Thandie to say anything must be scary for her, and there could be consequences for her career. Which is why I respect it so much.”

I mean, I don’t know that Thandie really called out Tom the way she calls out so many others in that interview. It was more about how stressed he was and how intense he can be. And how he can ripen a zit on his own face in a matter of minutes because he has super metabolism? The whole thing was weird as f-ck. But not more weird than how … involved… Scientology seems to be in Tom’s love life. 

Leah and Tony also describe how one time Tom tried to make out with a woman in public in front of everyone on set and she wasn’t comfortable and pulled away and was admonished for it afterwards. Supposedly they needed her to be willing to be touched any time he wanted to touch her. They don’t provide a rationale for this so I’m going to assume that it’s because Scientology wants the world to know that Tom Cruise is the most desirable man that was ever desired?