Lilo turned 20 this weekend and spent a lot of time dangling her cleave around on the beach, prompting boobwatchers everywhere to speculate on whether or not she had them done. Yes, gossips. It"s that time again. The real or fake debate. My favourite game!!! And thank Goddess Firecrotch had the good sense to model several different bikini options for our viewing pleasure, providing ample opportunity to closely examine her jubs. Take a look. The ones where she"s wearing the green and pink number are the photos that are causing the most discussion. In these shots, her ladies definitely look more inflated than authentic. I have labelled these Exhibit 1 and 2. However, you will note that in the other two bikinis, her breasts are much more natural, with NO evidence of enhancement, particularly in the image that I"ve labelled Exhibit 4. It is also worthwhile mentioning that La Lohan seems to have finally put her eating disorders behind her. And she looks amazing. Healthy, toned, fit - absolutely wonderful with a nice amount of flesh to balance out a nice amount of lean. You can see this illustrated in Exhibit 5. Therefore, it is my contention that Lindsay Lohan did NOT get implants and that her recent upgrade is due simply to her body"s regeneration process, restoring what was once there before. She is a naturally well endowed young girl. But when weight is lost, boobs are lost. When weight is gained, boobs are gained. Just like Mimi…right? Haaaa…ok, let"s not go there. Let me instead walk you through Lindsay"s mammary history, just to give you a visual chronology of how her breasts have progressed.