On her Twitter, crack tweeting nonsense while she’s waiting for the crash. Lilo just a few hours ago seemed like she’d managed to push Samantha Ronson away again, or is fighting with her father. It’s a toss up.

First this:

being lied to after being my father's daughter.... is miserable, especially when you're finally back on track. miss u mommy thanks s********

So who’s lying to her?

She clarifies in the next post:

@RainbowLuce if someone u took a chance on loving-after times.lied to you tonight..what would u do? even though u love them..?

And then the most recent (as of press time):

@samantharonson are you picking me up or not? annabelle should of gotten me with you

The use of “should of” is really my favourite example of how English is getting raped by a generation of JailBaits and Lilos.

Can you make sense of Lindsay’s crazy?

Of course not. She can’t either. Which is why she’ll likely pull it all down when she wakes up in a few hours. Just like she did last week.

After suggesting that someone had roughed her up – a rather transparent ploy for attention – she quickly removed those posts upon coming down from whatever was cranking her the night before. We’ll have to see how she feels this afternoon.

This is Lilo yesterday out shopping with the paps.

Photos from Wenn.com