Long headline in place solely to f*ck up Warner Brothers’ SEO. Because Warner Brothers would rather talk to MEL GIBSON than a woman. Courtesy Deadline, we found out yesterday that Warners is talking to Gibson about directing Suicide Squad 2. Apparently whoever had this terrible f*cking idea—did any of their co-workers throw a stapler at their head, and if no, why not?—hasn’t seen Suicide Squad, because the cast is like two-thirds people Mel Gibson hates because they aren’t white men.

I don’t think it’s likely that Gibson actually does it—he once called Superhero Face Puncha piece of sh*t”, and he doesn’t seem partial to the superhero machine, in general—but just the fact that Warners thinks he’s worth talking to is infuriating. Have they forgotten? Because I haven’t. Or is it just that they don’t care? Yep, that’s it. They don’t care. The timeout is over and Mel Gibson is being welcomed back, and the fruit basket left on his kitchen counter includes six Oscar nominations for Hacksaw Ridge and Warner Brothers on the phone, supplicating themselves on the slim-to-none chance they could get Sugar Tits to direct a superhero movie for them. Captain America is taking on the KKK, meanwhile, the home of Superman is asking the man who once uttered “if you get raped by a pack of n— it’ll be your fault” if he would deign to direct one of their movies.

Variety adds that Warners is also interested in Ruben Fleischer, Jonathan Levine, and Daniel Espinosa. Fine directors all, but as was the case with the replacement list for The Batman after Ben Affleck vacated the captain’s chair, there don’t seem to be any women in the mix. So the lesson is that absolutely no one is too repellent to work in Hollywood, and Warner Brothers would rather talk to Mel Gibson than a woman.