If we’re not careful, we’re going to have to start taking all our life lessons from wise celebrities. And THEN WHAT?

Neil Patrick Harris was casually offered the biggest job – two of the biggest, actually – in television. He says he was asked whether he’d be interested in the Late Night desk, as well as Craig Ferguson’s. And NPH told Howard Stern that he said no.

He said he’d rather do a variety show. Something weekly where there was singing and sketches and probably magic, because that’s a thing of his, and celebrity guests.   This is what it is to be NPH – you can construct a scenario where you say “I want to do magic on television” and people nod and say “yes, yes, that’s a thing”.

But seriously. 

There are so many people who could potentially do the late night hosting jobs. The conversation has been going on for months. I’d like to think that he’s smart enough to know that it would have been a bad idea from the start. If he had gotten the job, against all odds, there would have been no end of griping about how in the face of Colbert, they gave it to this guy?

But nobody is NPH. Nobody can host a variety show and do straight up singing one moment and snarky comedy the next and not feel obligated to win the night every night.

It’s very, very smart.