Like I said earlier in the JLO post, the point of the PEOPLE Magazine Awards is to look at the clothing. And even though JLO trotted it all out last night, from the deep cleave to the crotch draw, two celebrities took the red carpet. With JLO there’s always a hint of the tacky anyway, non?

First Nicole Richie in a black jumpsuit with sheer sleeves and leaves delicately weaved on the shoulders. And the fringed clutch. So well done, on every detail.

Then…Gwen Stefani. Start at the hair with the half topknot. YES. But before she turns into the mother of the bride with that white pearled wrap, note that it’s caped at the sleeve AND it’s a tight skirt OVER a pair of legging jeans. Hi 80s? You can never go wrong with Gwen 80s.