I opened with Princes William and Harry visiting the Star Wars Episode VIII set today at Pinewood Studios outside of London. Here are some more shots of them with the cast, including John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

I don’t see any shots of Harry and Daisy side by side. But….close enough. Close enough to give me the idea. Of.

Would you be down if, together, we Gossip Genied Hot Harry and Rey?

It’s supposedly a new monarchy. So why couldn’t he date an actor? You couldn’t find a better actor-candidate. She’s the face of the most successful, popular movie franchise of all time. She’s likeable. But she’s tough. She’s cute and smart. She’s beautiful and athletic. And at this point, couldn’t he say to granny that he doesn’t have to be with someone with a robust career, with ambition, without talent, and her own life?