The Bond premiere is happening right now in London. I’ll post photos of the cast tomorrow. Right now, we’ll focus on the royals, because the princes William and Harry were there along with Princess Catherine, all of them attending their second official engagement of the day. Click here to see photos from earlier, a much different vibe from tonight. And Harry continues to wear his beard. Which means that granny hasn’t made him shave. As I’ve been saying, Harry’s been so reliable and he’s worked so hard for her lately, he probably has a pass on the facial hair these days. And, maybe, more.

As for Will and Kate…

Does anyone have anything ever to say about Will?

We’ll just skip to Katy Cambridge in sheer back dove grey dress and metallic belt that, well, by her standards, is all kinds of fashion-forward… I guess? I find it really, really cheap and borderline tacky. Especially the way she tried to match the clutch and the belt and the shoes and the hair, oh my God, the hair. This is what you’d wear to your second wedding… in 1985. No more calling her a style icon, OK? Stop.