Who is Troy Dyer?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 23, 2013 14:37:09 August 23, 2013 14:37:09

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know how a few of us here feel about Reality Bites – ok maybe just Duana and me. This is the origin of our love-hate for Ethan Hawke. And our enduring love for loafers with anything. If you clicked on the title of this post because you know the name, I don’t need to explain much more to you.

Ben Stiller is turning Reality Bites into a scripted television series. It will take place in the 90s. Our characters – Lelaina, Troy, Vickie, and Sammy will be back. And …then what? Duana’s reaction last night when she heard about this was a stomach ache.

Reality Bites, back then, was what it was because they weren’t telling “real” stories about people in their 20s then. Now? It’s ONLY “real” stories about people in their 20s. Sort of. The Simple Life, The Hills, Jersey Shore – these are the bastard grandchildren of Reality Bites watched by the children of the baby boomer generation. And do these people still care?

Remember when Vickie got tested for HIV? That was a thing for us back then. That was a terrifying, horrifying thing. AIDS now? That’s what HIV Awareness advocates are addressing now – that it stopped being a thing (for a number of issues including advancement in treatment) even though it’s still a thing. The point is, the issues and preoccupations have changed. And perceptions too. Could we have a female character on a TV show who brings home a different boy every night and catalogues them in a notebook tucked into her nightstand? Could we love her without a f-cking meltdown from the MiniVan Majority? Lelaina probably BECAME the MiniVan Majority!

But, that said, I can understand the obvious attraction to the idea. Lelaina walked around memorexing every innocuous, beautiful minute of their lives. Which…is pretty much what we do now, non? What? What is your glitch?


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