Remember what I said yesterday about Robert Downey Jr being that dick of an older brother who relentless mocks his siblings whatever chance he gets? Well.

After his first post welcoming Tom Hiddleston to Instagram, he followed up yesterday with this:

The question is: does Tom Hiddleston deserve it? Or is this the equivalent of locker room peer pressure, the jock who shames one of his buddies just because he sent his girlfriend a Valentine?

Why so serious? RDJ is a joker. He’s laughing at what we were all laughing at. True, very true. There are some men, however, who can’t handle the heat. Jake Gyllenhaal cut and run on Taylor Swift after taking her home to meet his sister and her family for Thanksgiving. He didn’t exactly look like he was being handcuffed in those now-infamous “maple latte” photos. So let’s not pretend he was being forced at gunpoint to participate in that pap stroll.

How then will Tom respond to the leader of the Avengers (Team Iron Man for life!) trolling him about his relationship? I’d like to believe that Tom is built differently. That instead of bailing from the attention he moves towards it, with open arms. That the Kardashian in him is delighting in whatever attention someone like RDJ is giving him, no matter how it’s intended. That he is to Taylor Swift what Justin Theroux is to Jennifer Aniston. I’d like to believe. Do you believe?