True Detective Season 2. They’re still looking for the female lead. I thought Elisabeth Moss had this locked up but then there were reports last week that Rachel McAdams was being considered and last night The Wrap reported that there are actually 7 other actresses who’ve been added to the list and going in for auditions in the next few days. 

Here are the names that are less recognizable:

Brit Marling
Oona Chaplin
Jaimie Alexander
Kelly Reilly

Somewhat more recognisable: Malin Ackerman.

And then the two most recognisable: Rosario Dawson and Mrs Timberlake.

Mrs Timberlake recently guest-starred on New Girl. Mrs Timberlake is finally hearing it: go back to television. Unless of course she thinks that True Detective will get her better film roles.


If she actually gets the role. I mean, if it’s between Rosario Dawson and Mrs Timberlake, who picks Mrs Timberlake? Even the reporter who’s breaking the story for The Wrap is going full Dawson.

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Attached – Rosario at TIFF last week, one of the nicest, most gracious, most beautiful celebrities I’ve ever interviewed. It’s her time now.