Have you seen America’s Sweethearts? It’s one of those movies that I have to watch through if I happen to catch it on TV. (And I just discovered it has a 1.5 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The injustice!) Here’s a quick rundown before I get to my musings on Sienna’s latest interview with Harper’s Bazaar. John Cusack and Catherine Zeta-Jones are huge movie stars who are going through a contentious divorce. Before they sign the papers, they are forced to do a junket together for a movie that is crucial to both of their careers.

In every interview, they talk about how much they love one another (they hate each other), how they speak several times a day (they hadn’t seen each other in months) and how they are the absolute best of friends (obviously they are enemies). As the junket goes on, they add more superlatives and really layer it on in order to convince the press and public that they had a wonderful, amicable breakup (they didn’t – she cheated and he publically snapped).

What does this have to do with Sienna Miller? In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar (she looks divine in the photos), Sienna talks about co-parenting with her ex Tom Sturridge and how they holiday together and have sleepovers and are really, truly best friends. Sienna is of course not the first celebrity to talk about her relationship with her ex in these terms – it seems that Hollywood co-parenting is either as delightful as rainbows and puppy dogs (Chris and Gwyneth, Ben and Jen) or hellish nuclear war (Brange, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke). 

The interesting thing about Sienna’s is that her public image was shaped on drama, particularly romantic drama: her relationship with Jude Law – he screwed the nanny (really, he was ahead of his time) and she was leaving Daniel Craig voicemails from the Groucho Club, then there was Balthazar, who was married to a very powerful force on the LA social scene, Rosetta Getty. Oh and she also dated Matthew Rhys, who at the time was working with Balthazar on Brothers & Sisters (worst show, watched it religiously), thus ending their friendship.

Lainey’s story about Sienna having a fit at Burger King is one I reference often – can you believe it was 10 years ago? Sienna was SO GOOD for gossip. That abruptly changed when she settled down with Tom and had a baby. And her take on public motherhood has been consistently quiet – she’s not pitching a fit about the paparazzi and then selling photos, or using her position as a mother to book ad campaigns for appliances. In many interviews she’s described a simple, quiet life with her little family and the roots motherhood had given her.

Yet her reputation didn’t exactly change. Maybe she was too much fire in her 20s or maybe it’s because she didn’t use her baby as a branding opportunity, but the motherhood whitewash never quite took for Sienna. The roles have slowly come back (though as she says in the Harper’s interview, the role she’s most considered for is “the wife”) but she’s fighting a tough battle on that front: her competition, many of whom have consistently worked for the last 5-10 years. She’s 35 and within a 5 year range you have Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Carey Mulligan, Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst – and that’s top tier off the top of my head. The B-C list is littered with too many names to mention.

So what’s next? She tells Harper’s she’s still calm and drama-free. What could be more drama-free than being best friends with your baby daddy? She’s also moved to New York, to give herself a kick in the ass. This I find interesting. She said life in London was too easy, with too much wine and too many weekends in the country. She moved to New York for the hustle of it.

But why not LA, where the work is? It’s not considered tacky to move to LA anymore. My guess is that she’s avoiding the pitfalls of that lifestyle and maybe she’s weary of the mommy mafia. Do you see Reese or Gwyneth or Jennifer Meyer befriending Sienna? Taking her to Tracy Anderson and dinner at the Sunset Marquis with Chelsea Handler? Not going happen. On the other hand… that’s not her speed. 

New York fits her more in the sense that she’s absolutely beloved in the fashion world (Anna Wintour anointed her a long time ago). It’s a comfortable place but still offers some unique possibilities – will she renew her feud with Kate Moss or will she hook up with a sculptor and move to Williamsburg? Sienna, the New York years!