They were in New York for the ball drop, then it appears they took off  to the Caribbean. Here are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles posing with fans at a resort in the British Virgin Islands. They say the relationship started somewhere mid fall, let’s say end of October. So we’ve just completed 2 full months. And, well, look at her -- they’ve been bliss. And totally international -- from London to New York to LA to rural England and now the Caribbean...

Love is always easy on vacation. But what happens when they tour?

One Direction starts touring in February. Taylor kicks off her tour a couple of weeks later. If I was a better shipper I’d already have the dates memorised where their itineraries might cross and where they may be able to meet up and be together. But that last week will be tearful... and it goes by so fast. There, that’s good for at least one song.

Source and click here and here for more fan photos of them in the British Virgin Islands.

Thanks Anna!