Apparently Tom Cruise is getting out of LA. He’s selling his $59 million home in Beverly Hills and, according to US Weekly, he wants to move to Florida because “he thinks all the people in Hollywood are fake”. So he’s relocating like John Travolta, a guy who is TOTALLY LIVING HIS TRUE LIFE, to be closer to Scientology headquarters.

Is Scientology like Moses and Hollywood is Egypt? EXODUS!

Makes sense though. They spent all that money on the new facility in Florida. So it would be ideal if their two major faces were close to the mothership, right? What does this mean for Xenu presence among celebrities though? Is recruitment among celebrities slowing? I need to stop asking questions. Yesterday there was an article at The Hollywood Reporter about how the church has been targeting Academy members, lobbying against Going Clear, and continuing its alleged attacks on Going Clear director Alex Gibney. Chills, chills, chills.

In other Tom Cruise news, many of you have emailed and tweeted me this week about his daughter Isabella’s wedding and how he and Nicole Kidman weren’t there. I’m not sure what more there is to gossip about though. It happened at the Dorchester. The Dorchester is NOT cheap. So I definitely believe that Tom paid for it. And if he paid for it, that would suggest he’s supporting his daughter. Which would also suggest that she’s not a suppressive, or whatever you want to call it. As for why he didn’t show up…

Would I want my dad at my wedding? Of course. But my dad isn’t Tom Cruise. Isabella Cruise decided to be a makeup artist. That should tell you everything about how she wants to live her life – doing other people’s faces, and not being “a face” herself. It’s an interesting swing, isn’t it? They either can’t wait to be like their parents and try to create their own spotlights …or they choose the shadows.