When Tom Cruise is promoting a movie, you can’t escape him. He’s tireless. 89 countries in 8 hours! You know. You’ve seen the Tom Cruise press tour. When he’s done with the press tour though, he’s very good at going back undercover. Like Brange, generally he can move around undetected if he’s not working. And that’s been the strategy in between films for him now, especially after all the couch jumping and the Scientology talk blew up in his face. Tom goes away, strategically.

Which is one of the reasons this whole Leah Remini book thing has been so entertaining. She won’t let him get away. He’s making headlines because someone else is forcing him out there. And for someone so controlled and controlling, it must be making him crazy. Unless, of course, he’s achieved Xenu Top Level Mind Control where nothing affects you, no not ever. Obviously he totally has.

So here’s Tom smiling on the set of Jack Reacher 2 yesterday and maybe worrying a little about his hair. Did you catch Sarah’s shout-out to him earlier in her review of Bond Spectre? Click here for a refresher. Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation did such a good job this summer, it might affect 007? You think?