PEOPLE published a new story about Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr this morning. The two were just seen this week in New York running errands and kissing outside his apartment and on a romantic ferry ride and walk along the river. Now a source is telling the magazine that they “talk non-stop”: 


"Emilio is very charming, flirty. It's easy to see how Katie fell for him," the source says. "She seems very into him. She keeps texting Emilio all day long and he loves it. He can’t get enough of her attention.”

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that this information isn’t coming from Katie Holmes’s team. Because I’m not sure why her team would want that out there. Katie may not be as militant as Jamie Foxx about people not knowing her business but she’s also not a Kardashian about her business either. And even if she did want to leak some info to entertainment media outlets about her new relationship, it wouldn’t be this narrative – that, basically, she’s so infatuated with Emilio that she’s always blowing up his phone. 


This source quote flatters Emilio more than anything else. Oh look what a stud he is, so “charming, flirty”, any woman would find him devastatingly irresistible. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with him. 

Now the question is if you’re her publicist, and it’s your job to pay attention to your clients’ headlines, and make sure they’re represented in the best light possible, how do you feel about this kind of story in PEOPLE? Is this a good look? That whole source quote summed up in one word is that Katie is dickmatised. And if that’s really the case, it can be tricky for a PR professional to navigate a situation like this. Do you call up your client all um and ah and awkward to tell them that you don’t want to interfere in her personal life but …are your boyfriend’s people spilling the tea? And will that shut it down? Something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.