Dear Gossips, 

PEOPLE posted an exclusive the other day about how Alex Rodriguez flew back to the Dominican Republic to spend time with Jennifer Lopez as they continue to work through the issues in their relationship. He’d been sharing on Instagram that he was there so what’s exclusive here is that they have a source telling them that ARod “flew back to the Dominican Republic this weekend so he can spend a few more days with Jennifer”. 


What’s more telling is that even though he was there and they obviously would have been together when she wasn’t shooting, he hasn’t shared any pictures of her or of them on IG. He put up a video of himself playing golf…


…to establish that, geographically, they were in the same place, but if you’ve been following him on social media over the last four years or so since they’ve been together, she shows up on his Instagram a lot. Any chance he gets. Because, of course, that’s clout. Many people wouldn’t give a sh-t about his IG if it wasn’t for all the JLo content. And with the headlines they’ve been making the last few weeks, about them ending their engagement and then insisting they were not ending it but simply going through a rough patch, I’m thinking if ARod could…? He would totally post a shot of her. If he hasn’t? To me that’s a JLo decision. She’s not giving him the sign-off. He’s got some work to do before he gets it. That’s my read. You? 

Yours in gossip,